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Lootie is shaking up eCommerce as we know it

The current eCommerce landscape leaves a lot to be desired. We are now in an era of third-party trust. The coronavirus pandemic is raging across the world, with new variants showing up every week. Many people’s in-person jobs have been invalidated, which means they’ve sought new methods of earning money: mainly, trying to open small businesses online. This has a lot of implications for the average customer.

For one, most of the products/ads that crop up online these days are from these newer retailers, rather than the bigger established stores. This can be problematic, because it’s hard to know which store is trusted and which isn’t — due to their newness, there’s a lack of reviews and information about the store available online. Another thing that most people may not know is, some of the bigger brands/sites are merely shells for these third-party companies in the first place. For example, when you buy something from, many people assume that all products come directly from them (or are at least fulfilled by them), but this is far from accurate. Sites like Amazon and eBay in fact categorize products from multiple smaller retailers. This adds a risk factor to the equation, since consumers are going to find it much harder to trust these new stores that don’t have much of a reputation.

Obviously, the solution here would be to choose trusted stores and buy from them. But again, this becomes an inconvenience to the consumer — they have to hop between various sites if they want to purchase products that span across different niches. It’s far more convenient if there would be a single site that puts together items from various different categories — but a site that only accepts truly trusted, verified, authentic product sources. This is exactly what Lootie has created — a platform with boxes containing items of all sorts, except every single item comes directly from a verified manufacturer. This way, consumers are able to get everything from a trusted and verified source without having to hop from site to site.

Lootie has partnered directly with manufacturers in order to get products from a source that is tried and tested to be completely authentic. In addition to this, even for things like sneakers or streetwear, a rigorous verification process is carried out on the item using professional warehouse partners like StockX. Lootie also has a guarantee in place that prevents you from receiving defective, broken, or missing deliveries — if there’s ever a problem with your order, Lootie has in place a full money back guarantee or exchange policy! It brings a completely new level of trust, and eliminates the need for smaller third-party stores.

However, the more interesting part about Lootie is its store model. It’s nothing like a traditional store, where products are listed individually in a boring manner. Instead, items are grouped together in ‘mystery boxes’. Each mystery box has its own category of items, with a large selection of potential items within. After you purchase a mystery box, all you know is that you’ll get one of the displayed items — but you never know exactly which item you’re going to get. This packs the amusement back into the shopping experience, which has always been missing. Usually, when you go to a store, you can always find solace in the fun experience of discovering new products and picking them off of the shelves. However, online, everything is orderly and predictable. The magic of doing new things like walking into a store you’ve never seen and happening upon an item? It simply doesn’t happen anymore in the COVID era. Lootie’s mystery box model changes this, since every purchase is a special surprise. Of course, this also means a lot of the tedious decision-making is taken out of your hands. Instead of having to make tough decisions like what model, colour, or product to buy, instead, you simply need to choose the category/type, and let Lootie decide the product for you! There’s also the super exciting prospect of being able to get an item that is a lot rarer than you expect. If you look through Lootie’s boxes, you’ll find some simple & normal products, but you’ll also find expensive, coveted items that you’d never consider buying at a store yourself. You can obtain these items with a Lootie box purchase, since with every purchase, you have a chance of getting any of the products that are shown in the box description.

The eCommerce industry has remained stagnant for far too long, and Lootie has burst onto the scene to shake it up. We’re now entering a completely new phase of online shopping — one of true accessibility, trust, freedom, and of course, excitement. Lootie brings all the things we love about shopping back into the online world, and all of it is accessible from our home. It’s beautiful, and you’re going to want to join in right now!

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