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5 Pro Tips on Raising Top-Performing Horses by Saeed Rashed Bin Ghadayer

Horses have always appealed to Dubai-based horse owner and trainer Saeed Rashed Bin Ghadayer. Horses’ grace, power, care, and nurturing ability almost made up for their lack in the human world for Saeed. As more and more youngsters are getting driven to becoming horse breeders, Saeed attempts to arm them with five pro tips to raise top-performing horses.

Maintain excellent toplines
Horses are genetically blessed with good toplines. If you find that the horse under your care exhibits a shoddy one, start studying their posture. Posture plays a huge role in distributing the horse’s power and the horse’s weight equally across its body. It allows the horse to keep up its efficiency as a runner. However, I believe that even before you get to fix the problem try and find why the topline suffered in the first place. 

Never underestimate nutrition
If you are attempting to breed a top-performing horse, you must make sure that their diet is aces. The best diet includes an adequate amount of proteins that’ll help build muscles and calories to aid the extra effort that a performing horse is expected to apply.

Never miss core exercises
Core training for horses takes about five minutes every day but goes a long way in ensuring the horse stays supple and flexible. Good exercise releases hormones that activate the brain. Once the horse establishes a good mind-body connection, it’ll respond better to instructions and, hence, perform better.

Build a strong brain
While nutrition and exercise go a long in ascertaining a horse stays strong and responds better, the environment in which they are trained and the temperament of their trainer can infuse in the horse a sense of familiarity, compassion, love, and care. Often, trainers-in-rush overlook the importance of building a real bond, thus affecting the overall health of the horse.

Avoid sudden changes
Change is uncomfortable, whether it happens to us or a horse. However, unlike most of us, horses invariably don’t fare well in the face of sudden and abrupt change. All changes, whether related to diet, nutrition, or the environment should happen at a slow pace, almost organically, to help the horse adapt naturally.

Horse breeding is often seen as an inhuman trade. Stories of horses being stressed, overworked, abandoned, and physically abused rise to the fore more often than one expects. But people like Saeed are showing by example that love and knowledge are the best ways to raise a top-performing horse.

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